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4 Reasons LBMC EP is Among Tennessee's Top Payroll Service Providers



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Human Resources services are not only critical to the success of a company, but they can take a lot of time and careful attention to execute properly. Among the most important of HR services is payroll processing and payroll management. For businesses large and small, outsourcing payroll services to a payroll provider can save both time and money. So, with the multiple payroll providers for businesses to choose from, how does an employer know which is the best for their business?

While many businesses opt to enlist the payroll services of larger, nationally-known chain providers, there are multiple benefits of payroll outsourcing in choosing a local or regional payroll provider that can offer employers a more accessible and personal service approach. LBMC Employment Partners is among Tennessee’s most trusted payroll providers, offering 100% accurate, cost-effective payroll and payroll tax solutions. LBMC EP’s goal is to provide employers with payroll solutions that give a peace of mind and a reduction of risk in the complex area of payroll tax compliance. Here are four reasons LBMC EP is among Tennessee’s top payroll service providers.

  1. Accurate and Timely Payroll Processing—Every employee’s number one priority is to receive their paycheck with no errors and on time. LBMC EP provides efficient payroll processing, keeping employers and employees happy and productive. In addition, employers can rest assured in LBMC EP’s expertly navigated payroll tax compliance.
  2. User-Friendly Payroll Processing System—LBMC EP’s system is user-friendly, secure, and requires no special hardware. From online enrollment and employee self-service tools, your staff will be properly positioned for payroll success.
  3. Accessibility to Support—With an assigned payroll specialist, employers who enlist LBMC EP’s payroll services enjoy the benefit of direct accessibility and timely care from a trusted payroll professional. LBMC EP’s payroll specialists are always within reach, and they deeply care about every client.
  4. Client Success Stories—The best way to know about the reputation of a payroll provider is to hear directly from current clients. As you’ll learn from LBMC EP’s client success stories, LBMC EP has been an excellent source of solutions for not only payroll services, but so much more.

Whether bundled or stand-alone, LBMC EP offers the HR services that help your business. As a proven leader in assisting employers with important HR needs such as payroll, LBMC EP’s trusted professionals are ready to answer your questions and customize a plan that works for your business. Contact us today! 

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