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5 Ways to Boost Morale and Improve Company Culture



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Everyone deserves to be happy at work. From the company values and mission to the work environment to the manager or supervisor, workplace morale matters to employees—and it should especially matter to the employer. A recent Gallup poll revealed that 50% of the workforce is disengaged with their jobs, and another 18% is actively disengaged, which could mean that they are intentionally causing issues within their company. So, what can employers do to consciously boost morale and create a pleasant work environment that will not only help employees love their roles but also desire to stay in those jobs? Here are five practical ways to create a company culture that employees will love. 

  1. Recognize Employee Progress and Accomplishments—Employees who work hard and prove this most certainly deserve to be recognized. Even more, facilitating a culture of gratitude within your business will show your employees how much they are valued. Consider offering some creative workplace awards (think beyond employee of the month) and implement ways to celebrate accomplishments and milestones within the office through occasionally providing breakfast or lunch or offering a fun prize.
  2. Promote Work-Life Balance (and Model It)—Work-life balance might just be one of the top ways employers can fail at employee retention. While there’s important work that needs to be done to meet the bottom line, employers who offer flexibility and promote a family-first mentality with their employees will almost always succeed at retaining great employees and producing a happy and more productive work environment. Go the extra mile by modeling a healthy work-life balance as an employer. Simple things like reducing email usage after work hours and taking time off when possible can be excellent ways for employers to show their employees an appropriate and healthy example of effective work-life balance.
  3. Ask for Feedback (and Do Something with It)—Employees who work on the front lines of a business can often have some of the best and most practical ideas for improving workflow. Ask your employees for feedback often, and—in whatever ways possible—figure out how to implement changes from feedback as it makes sense for your company. Above all, encourage honesty.
  4. Offer Professional Learning OpportunitiesProfessional development should be just as important for employers as it is for their employees, so encourage and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth when possible. Even more, when positions become vacant within the company, promote from within when possible. When employees who have invested time and hard work into your company can grow through new or higher-ranking roles, it affirms their value and can also promote longevity within the company.
  5. Strive for Excellence and Innovation—Employers should always accommodate a spirit of excellence and innovation within the office. This includes the expectation of excellence from employees, as well as the encouragement to be innovative and creative within each person’s role. Allow employees to cross-train with each other, which can be helpful in the event someone needs to be out of the office or leaves for a new adventure. Another way to promote excellence and innovation is through giving employees the opportunity to lead meetings and collaborate with each other regularly.

As we partner with businesses to assist with HR-related needs, our professionals are ready and willing to offer some helpful tips for boosting morale and maintaining a positive culture within your business. To learn how LBMC Employment Partners can assist you with customized HR solutions, contact us today!

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5 Ways to Boost Morale and Improve Company Culture