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7 Reasons to Get More Sleep



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Good sleep is as important as healthy eating and exercise, but why do we as Americans not prioritize getting enough sleep? Most people need between seven and eight hours of rest each night, although many of us will claim we can run on much less.

Signs of sleep deprivation include headaches and decreased mental alertness, and the long term effects of not getting enough sleep are more serious than you might think. Over time, sleep deprivation can lead to such major health problems as heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke, and historically, sleep deprivation is noted for causing such major disasters as the Exxon Valdez oil spoil and even the 1986 Chernobyl meltdown. 

We live in a busy world, and most feel there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish our work and personal tasks. Our hope is sharing the benefits of getting enough sleep will encourage all of us to strive for more pillow time. There are numerous health benefits such as lower blood pressure, reduced risk for diabetes and heart disease, and even reduced weight, but what about the benefits you’ll see at work? 

Employees who get more sleep enjoy: 

  1. Better Moods and Happy Dispositions - Get along with your co-workers and enjoy living in the moment.  
  2. Improved Memory - After a good night’s sleep, studies show your brain retains information better. 
  3. Increased Creativity - It’s time to paint, draw or write after sleeping in. You are alert and creative after getting eight hours of sleep.  
  4. Stronger Bodies - A rested body is stronger and can out perform a tired body. Studies show athletes who slept more than 10 hours for a six week period outperformed those who did not. 
  5. Better Ability to Learn - Those who sleep well, learn efficiently. Your body is ready to take in information fully when the mind is rested. 
  6. More Attention to Detail - A rested body is more alert, and pays attention to all things gong on, producing better and safer work.  
  7. Lower Stress - Lower blood pressure helps manage your body’s reaction to stress. Studies show those who sleep less than seven hours per night, have increased levels of cholesterol and higher blood pressures.  

Taking charge of your health can have a major impact on overall health and wellness, as well as a positive impact on your healthcare costs. Making minor modifications to get more sleep can help reduce not only healthcare costs, but health risks as well.

Many companies are implementing health and wellness prevention programs as a way to help their employees reach their health goals and save on future healthcare costs. If you would like more information about our HR services, give us a call at 615-369-5050 or e-mail us.

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