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Consider HR Outsourcing Solutions in 2017



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The start of a new year always entices a fresh hope and perspective for the days to come. As you set new goals and dream new dreams for your business, consider new ways you can better steward the day-to-day management of company tasks, especially with HR services.

Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) has become a popular and trusted new movement with smaller businesses. LBMC Employment Partners offers a wide range of both individual and blended HRO services, and we can even customize a plan to fit your specific business needs. Here are some of our HR outsourced solutions, just to name a few: 

Employee Paperwork and Handbooks 

The development and management of employee paperwork and handbooks can be tedious. From laying out a handbook and organizing paperwork to covering your company’s basic needs and important updates, LBMC Employment Partners can set you up for success. 

Professional Supervisor and Employee Training 

Employee orientation and training will set the bar for the development and retention of good employees. LBMC Employment Partners offers professional training services for both supervisors and staff that will keep your business running efficiently and ensure current market standards. 

Payroll and Tax Processing 

Among the most valuable of our HRO services includes efficient payroll processing, payroll tax administration, and year-end W-2 processing. As you’re able to delegate these intricate legal tasks to the expertise of LBMC Employment Partners, you can focus on the larger aspects of your business. 

Access to Certified HR Professionals

With our team of highly-qualified and certified HR professionals, you can rest easy knowing that any human resources needs or questions that may arise for your business will be answered appropriately and thoroughly. 

In addition, LBMC Employment Partners' other HR services include minimized employment risk for clients, wage garnishments, and access to brokering services for negotiation of contracts on your behalf. Whether bundled or individual, we offer the HR services that support your company. Contact us today to see if outsourcing HR services makes sense for you in this coming year.

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