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3 Ways to Create a Healthy Work Environment



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Health and fitness are becoming increasingly vital to our quality of living. Many businesses are opting for wellness programs to create a healthy work environment for employees, which can consist of anything from an office gym to employee yoga breaks to weight-loss challenges. Some companies are even embracing soda-free environments, using locally-sourced foods in their cafeterias or food courts, and even holding ongoing nutrition seminars.

While not every organization has the resources or staff to implement the above wellness approaches, there are still many ways to encourage employees to stay fit during the workday while still completing the daily tasks at hand. Here are three simple ways for employers to create a healthy work environment for employees.

Exercise at Your Desk

Exercising at your desk is an easy way to stay fit. One specific workout that helps to relieve stress is called the Namaste. To do this, all one must do is place hands together in the prayer position at heart level. Then push your hands against each other as hard as possible for about 20 seconds and repeat until a feeling of calmness is present. Other fun desk workouts can include stapler curls, seated leg raises (put your legs straight in front of you, and hold as long as possible), and even seat stretches. For employees feeling a little extra ambitious about exercising at the desk, there’s now several types of exercise equipment available, including under-desk ellipticals and bicycles.

Desk Enhancements

Ergonomics, which involves designing and positioning work equipment in ways that are healthy and safe, is important for good health and work efficiency. As an alternative to sitting in a normal desk chair, consider opting for a workout balancing ball to tone and strengthen your core while you sit at your desk and work. Some employers might even allow stand-up desks, which can help you burn more calories, reduce back pain, and even improve anything from mood to energy to productivity. Another important desk enhancement that can contribute to good health and posture is making sure your keyboard, mouse, and computer screen are properly positioned. Ideally, a computer keyboard and mouse should be positioned to keep your elbows at your sides and arms at a 90-degree angle. The ideal computer screen placement should be when your eyes are level with your computer address bar.

Stay on the Move

Taking the stairs is a great way for employees to get blood flowing and have a clearer head. Instead of sitting while eating or catching up on work at your desk over lunch, consider taking your sandwich or salad on a little walk, and enjoy the fresh air. Invite coworkers to take daily walks around company corridors during work breaks to have some accountability and encouragement at staying active. If applicable to your work day or schedule, consider using lunch breaks for workout classes, and eat lunch on the go. You might even challenge your whole team by organizing an in-office workout class during lunch or breaks that can include anything from video-driven workouts to yoga. All in all, just keep moving.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things you can do to stay active and burn calories at work. Use your imagination, and remember—any activity is better than none.

Curious about how to implement healthy work environment best practices for your organization? The team at LBMC Employment Partners has years of experience and knowledge on the topic. Contact us today to learn more!

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