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Do You Have a Great Safety Culture in Your Workplace?



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No one expects that their employees will be injured on the job, but unfortunately, accidents happen. Taking precautions to protect your employees from accidents and injuries could help lower your company’s annual workers’ compensation claims, as well as creating a happier, healthier and safer work environment for your team.

Four Tips to Create a Safety-Focused Workforce

  1. Develop a safety program and commit to it.

    Each year, the most common work-related injuries and accidents occur from:

    All of these risks can be minimized with a well thought out injury and illness prevention plan. This should include compliance with local and state regulations, identifying and controlling hazards, and plans for emergencies.

    • Overexertion
    • Slips, trips and falls
    • Being struck by a falling object or falling into an object
    • Highway incidents
    • Machinery accidents
    • Workplace Violence
  2. Provide proper training for all employees.

    Once a plan is put in place, make certain your leadership team and supervisors have received safety training and understand its importance to your company’s success. If the leadership values the plan as a priority, it will be properly enforced. All new employees should receive safety and health training, and continued safety education, machinery and equipment assessments, and safety assessments in annual reviews will continue to keep it a priority.

  3. Support a culture of workplace health and safety.

    More than just a collection of policies and programs, you need to develop a strong workplace culture that values health and safety in everyday operations. On top of well-trained employees, you can nurture a safety culture by encouraging mutual respect, open communication, a blame-free working environment, and the celebration of successes.

  4. Continuously focus on improvement.

    Integrate lessons from trainings and accidents to constantly improve your plan. Encouraging employee feedback and using it to constructively enhance your processes will help to create buy-in at all levels and improve your safety culture overall.

Source: Trusted Choice