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Employee Spotlight: Dianne Gerth



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Name: Dianne Gerth
Title: HR Manager
Been with LBMC EP: Since April 2016

Background: A true Nashville-area native, Dianne Gerth grew up in Brentwood, only a short distance away from where LBMC’s headquarters currently stands. As an active member in her high school marching band, Dianne made her way to Purdue University to be a part of the institution’s prestigious band program. With her sights set on becoming a lawyer, she ended up majoring in Organizational Development. The summer after graduation, Dianne worked for a judge, as well as for Nashville’s circuit court, before enrolling at Nashville School of Law, where she learned after a year of studies that a law career was not for her.

In the months that followed, Dianne interviewed with Northwestern Mutual, where she worked for a financial representative for a few years. This role led to an opportunity for Dianne to become a broker for a Northwestern Mutual subsidiary, Strategic Employee Benefits Services, for four years. Dianne later moved back to Northwestern Mutual to become an HR Manager and soon took on the larger role of Director of Operations, helping representatives with employee issues, rather than internal HR. During this season, Dianne completed a Master’s of Education in Organizational Development degree at Belmont University.

Dianne says, “I really just found my way into HR by accident. It’s amazing to see where life’s circumstances will eventually lead.” Dianne left Northwestern Mutual while she was expecting her second child. After spending some valuable time at home with her children for a few months, Dianne had the opportunity to join the team at LBMC Employment Partners. Originally looking for a part-time role, Dianne decided to accept a full-time position as an HR Manager with LBMC EP, and it’s the same role she enjoys to date.

Current Role: Dianne’s role at LBMC EP allows her to work with multiple clients from various industries, including healthcare, law, creative, software, roofing, and more. Her largest client employs roughly 3,000 individuals. One of the many things Dianne loves about her role is that each day brings new and interesting challenges. “This is what makes it the best job. I have my daily tasks, but I never know what will be asked by a client. They may need advice or training. All of that keeps it interesting and makes each day go by quickly,” says Dianne. Serving on an HR team of 13, Dianne appreciates the genuine bond within the team. “We are a close team of HR managers,” she says. “Everyone works really hard. They are efficient, smart, and kind-hearted people who care about others,” adds Dianne. Dianne also enjoys the compliance and research part of her work, especially being able to confidently talk to clients about those things.

Why LBMC EP Stands Out: In addition to having great technology and tools in place, which allows things to work smoothly throughout the company, Dianne was drawn to LBMC EP because of its reputation for work-life balance. “LBMC EP’s partners Ron Perry and Sharon Powlus genuinely uphold that value,” says Dianne. “Sharon is one of our greatest champions and stands with her employees 100% through any of life’s occasions,” she adds. Dianne appreciates the accessibility she has with LBMC EP’s leadership, and she affirms how much the whole team values the ways in which these leaders have built the company. Dianne also explains how much culture is key at LBMC EP. “There’s a cohesive spirit that we’re all in this together. We have wonderful clients, and everyone is always willing to dive in and assist each when needed,” says Dianne. LBMC EP’s open concept work environment is also greatly beneficial to the team’s chemistry, according to Dianne.

Personal: Dianne is married to Jeb, an attorney in Nashville. They have two sons, Jake (6 years old) and Sam (1 year old). The family has a beloved dog named Hazel, who they rescued from the Humane Society. Their two cats Marley and Skitter keep them regularly entertained. Dianne loves yoga and staying active. The Gerth family also enjoys the outdoors. You can find them running, hiking, and camping together. “We also love food, which is why we have to run,” says Dianne. If not in the HR field, Dianne says that maybe she would have become a nutritionist. Huge Disney fans, Dianne and her family enjoy spending a lot of quality time together, and they take every opportunity to venture to a Disney park or attraction when possible.

Employee Spotlight: Dianne Gerth