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Employee Spotlight: Terri Mangrum



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Name: Terri Mangrum
Title: Flexible Compensation & Compliance Manager
Joined LBMC EP: 1994

Background: Terri graduated from Austin Peay State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. In 1995, she began working in flexible compensation administration and compliance with LBMC Retirement Plan Company, an LBMC affiliate. When the Retirement Plan Company parted ways with LBMC, the flexible compensation services were acquired by LBMC Employment Partners, and because so, LBMC decided that it would be in everyone’s best interest if Terri joined their team.

Current Role at LBMC EP: Terri’s current role as Flexible Compensation & Compliance Manager consists of doing just that — managing the flexible compensation compliance and flexible spending account administration for LBMC EP’s PEO clients, HRO clients, and stand-alone clients. Terri handles quite a bit of employee personal medical information, while helping employees navigate through the coordination of their benefits plans, as well as compensation tax savings. Terri works closely with LBMC EP’s Human Resources, Benefits, and Payroll departments to aid in the planning of setups, status changes, and banking. She’s always very mindful of her clients’ needs, inquiries, and concerns, and she spends a lot of time answering questions and finding solutions with clients and their employees. As LBMC EP is a registered PEO in several states, they must comply with each state’s statutes. Terri works with each state’s governing entities to maintain LBMC EP’s status as a registered PEO and handles all of the filing and registration. Her most recent undertaking for this aspect of her job was completing the application for LBMC EP to become a Certified Professional Employer Organization with the IRS. 

Another side of Terri’s role includes managing LBMC EP’s new ACA reporting services. As the manager, Terri has developed the processes and client communication methods, while also creating many of the administrative tools used to collect and import data. With the reporting requirements being quite complex and a significant undertaking, Terri trains LBMC EP’s staff on the nuances of ACA reporting. Thanks to Terri, LBMC EP’s first year as an ACA service provider was a successful one!

Why LBMC EP Stands Out: In Terri’s eyes, LBMC EP stands out because they are a human organization. “Although LBMC EP utilizes great technology, we still treat our clients like the people that they are. We work hard to build relationships with our clients, and we address any concerns or issues quickly and directly with a friendly and solution-minded attitude. Our clients are never a number — they don’t have to push buttons and listen to menus. When they call LBMC EP, they go directly to their account manager. We want the work we do for them to be accurate, timely, and as uncomplicated for them as possible. We want our clients to succeed in their business, have good health and wellness, and be happy that they chose us to be their outsource partner.”

Unique Factors of the Work Environment: One of the main reasons Terri enjoys working for LBMC EP so much is because of the team environment. There are times where she may need to coordinate efforts of two other service area, and when this happens, it’s always all hands on deck. “The people here are intelligent, hardworking, and very caring — We look out for one another. The leadership at LBMC EP is mindful about the personal lives of their employees and strives to provide a balanced work life. I’ve been with the LBMC family for 21 years and they are like extended family.”

Personal Life: Terri has been married to her husband for 26 years, and together, they have two children — a married daughter and a son in high school. She and her family attend Cross Point Church. Terri and her son, Jackson, routinely participate in various research studies and programs for children with Autism and developmental challenges at Vanderbilt Medical Center. Terri’s children are the apples of her eye, but close seconds are her two sweet rescue dogs. When Terri isn’t hard at work, she enjoys learning about nutrition and functional aging. She is a Whole Foods fanatic and a Whole Foods Supper Club supporter. Whenever she can, Terri seeks out farm-to-table restaurants and local sources for food. Her attitude about exercise is a little less enthusiastic so she works daily to maintain motivation to exercise, and when she is, she’s either doing Pilates, moderate weight training, going for a jog with her dogs or simply finding ways to add more movement in her day. Terri also adores art and enjoys painting.