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Encouraging Healthy Lifestyles in the Workplace



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As workplace healthcare evolves, employers are taking a more active role in encouraging a healthy workforce. In addition to the obvious short-term benefits of a healthier, more productive staff, employers are taking measures to prevent more serious long-term health issues, which can drive up healthcare costs and threaten employee well-being.
Here are a few ways employers can take for a proactive approach to employee health year round.
  1. Encouraging, providing and/or incentivizing employees to receive mammograms, bone density tests, and other screenings for the likes of prostate cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure is something all employers should do. 
  2. Make sure employees are made aware which preventative screenings are covered under their insurance. People might assume certain tests are expensive and are not covered, and choose not to have them performed. 
  3. Host an annual health fair to explain potential health issues, have onsite screenings such as blood pressure checks, BMI measurements, and also cholesterol tests. Educate your employees to take better care of themselves. 
  4. Offer rewards to encourage employees to receive screening procedures. You can offer gift cards or financial incentives, or if your employees are enrolled in an HRA or HSA program, employers can add additional money to these accounts. 
  5. Encourage healthy habits around the office by offering healthy snacks, teas, juices, and water. Minimize sugary snacks and sodas. Employees might also love a healthy Friday lunch. Instead of pizza as a reward, try bringing in healthier options. 
  6. Promote exercise by creating a fitness facility onsite, signing up for walk/run teams as a group, or even offering daily exercise breaks where you encourage your staff to leave their desks and take a walk outside.

Employers can even offer alternative schedules for those who choose to hit they gym during regular business hours. Education and encouragement is key in helping others get healthy. Remember, a healthy employee is more productive and happier in the workplace!

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