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How a Payroll Service Provider Eases Tax Season



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While the start of the New Year is best known for preparing resolutions, it's also the time of year when companies and individuals begin to think about tax season. Companies are busy compiling and sending W-2 and 1099 forms, and individuals are checking off all the needed items for tax submissions. 

For businesses, the risk of human error and lack of time are two of the biggest reasons to consider enlisting a payroll service provider to ease the stress of tax season. LBMC Employment Partners provides 100% accurate and cost-effective payroll tax solutions. Peace of mind and reduced risk are the rewards of expertly navigated payroll tax compliance. 

Here are three top reasons to enlist a payroll service provider to help ease the stress of tax season: 

Payroll Service Providers Save You Time 

Whether you are low on time or have minimal staff, a payroll service provider can be the solution. From accurate and timely payroll processing to the filing of all required payroll returns on your behalf to answering tax agency inquiries within a proper amount of time, a payroll service provider like LBMC Employment Partners has you covered.

After all, if you own a small to medium sized business, there is probably a better use of you or your employees time than learning the ropes of payroll taxes. 

Payroll Service Providers Save You Money 

Manual payroll systems are on the decline, as they can be linked back to human error. Of course, these types of errors can cost you more money in the long-run. A payroll service provider can keep you up-to-date with the most efficient payroll applications and tools to help your business properly steward your resources and keep expenses low, especially during tax season. 

Payroll Service Providers Are a Win-Win for Employers and Employees 

Both employers and employees desire to stay in compliance with payroll and tax deadlines. Enlisting a payroll service provider like LBMC Employment Partners is a win-win for both parties involved. When an employer is well-equipped and on time with providing appropriate tax documents, the employees are then appropriately positioned to have all the accurate, up-to-date information needed in order to file taxes within the federal, state and local deadlines. 

As tax season fast approaches, LBMC Employment Partners is ready to help! Contact us today to see if outsourcing your payroll or tax services makes sense for you in this coming year. 

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