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Instilling Company Culture



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Listening To Your Employees

Company culture, by definition, is the overall personality of the company — how the employees are, what it’s like to work there, the processes, the management, the treatment of employees.

Instilling a good company culture is pivotal for the success of your business, and the easiest way to instill a good, solid culture for your company is to listen to your employees — see what they have to say, what they think can be improved, and what they already enjoy.

Time and time again, the most successful companies have proven themselves to be the ones who cherish their employees and what they have to say. Google, Apple, and Pixar are a few who have excelled in this regard that come to mind.

By instilling an engaging company culture within employees, employee retention increases, brand awareness is raised, and client relationships tend to improve because employees actually believe in the company they work for — it’s not just another job to them; it’s a lifestyle. Not only that, but instilling a company culture provides a level of consistency across the company that further helps to establish long-term relationships with both employees and clients.

Company Culture Profile: J. Crew

J. Crew is a company who holds company culture in high regard. At every J. Crew store, there is an human resources manager who works with employees, helping to instill the J. Crew culture within them, so they can then pass that on to their clients. For J. Crew, cultural training consists of watching videos about the product (how it’s made, the type of materials used, the inspiration behind the design), using specific verbiage (i.e. “tailored” over “skinny”), and keeping company mantras in mind, like “let me help you with that” or “we’re in the business of compliments.”

All of these aspects of cultural training enable a J. Crew associate speak to the quality of the product, boost hesitant shoppers confidence when trying on new styles, and provide a more friendly, lower pressure shopping environment. If you instill your company’s culture within those who work for you, the same will happen to your business: better equipped employees, who are able to provide a higher level of customer service. You believe in your business, and so should your employees. 

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