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Loyal Employees: It's Not All About Salary and BonusesĀ 



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By nurturing, growing and caring for your employees, you can create fruitful, long-lasting business relationships. Here are a few tips on creating great employees: 

Invest in their future! It will pay off.

By making it possible for them to pursue continuing education opportunities, attend conferences and seminars, and possibly even covering college courses, you will not only help them grow their expertise, but you will also create a strong bond between them and your firm. If you help your employees broaden their minds, they will in turn help you grow your business. 

Show your gratitude and value for your employees. 

Say thank you and highlight your employees good work as much as possible. Go beyond an employee of the month, and highlight someone’s great work from the following week in your weekly team meetings. Studies show that everyone wants to feel as if they are part of something bigger than themselves. As a manager, you control that destiny for all under your supervision.

Take time to care.

Does it really take that much time to stop by and say hello to your employees? You are no longer holding a desk job once you reach manager status. We understand you have numerous job responsibilities, but as a manager, your people are your greatest asset. Be sure to schedule time to get out of your office and visit their desks. You might be surprised what you might learn.  

When developing a job description for a position you need to fill, try to think beyond the salary, paid time off, and benefits. Also include office amenities, an explanation of office culture, and even a few co-worker quotes. LBMC Employment Partners can help you prepare a job description that will get you someone who is not looking for a job, but a career with a great company.