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Preparing the Future Leaders of Your Organization Now



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Your company has employees of all backgrounds, education levels, skill sets, and personalities. Each employee learns and interacts in different ways, so how can you make sure that you are preparing your young employees to be the next leaders of your company? 

Create a young executive team.

One problem executives face when promoting managers from within is that many employees can manage projects or tasks, but cannot manage people. Create a group that you or a fellow manager leads and teach them the basics of managing people. Try taking them through hiring and firing practices, and how to manage conflict. 

Lean on your seasoned managers by creating a mentorship program.

Select your top managers to serve as mentors and role models to your younger staff members. It’s never too late to begin this process with an employee, but it’s advised to connect these two people as early as their first day with your company. This will help your new employee learn the ropes quicker and will make sure they form good habits from day one. 

Empower, don’t micromanage. 

When young professionals are empowered, they become deeply responsible for the authority given to them. Because young professionals are becoming socially conscious and responsible, they typically won't abuse power that has been granted upon them, but will focus strong work ethic and loyalty for their boss and organization.

LBMC Employment Partners can help you prepare a business succession plan for your company. It’s never too early to develop your future team and start planning for your companies next phase of life.