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Tips for Managing Millennials



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Millennials, born between the years of 1980 and 2000, are ages 36 and under. That means most of this generation is college age or older. Studies show that the Millennial generation numbers more than 75 million people, so you will be hiring or have hired a millennial.

Effectively knowing and understanding how to manage generationally can lead to a stronger, more productive workplace. Here are tips in managing the new, younger workforce. Please note, not all individuals in a generation fit every generational trait, but as a whole, the following can help you manage your team.

Provide structure, but allow flexibility.

Millennials want structure, and are highly effective when you tell them hours you want them to work, and the projects you need them to complete. But they are looking for work life balance. They work hard, but are not looking to work a 60-hour work-week. They have numerous things going on outside of work, and expect to have the time to take part.

Provide a fun and productive, employee-focused workplace.

Millennials thrive in team settings, and work well with others whether it’s on a project, out to lunch or even in networking settings. They want structure and connections to their managers, but they excel in environments that they enjoy and feel they can grow in.

Give them regular feedback, performance reviews are not enough.

Millennials look for frequent, if not daily, feedback. They want to hear from their superiors on how they are doing and why their work matters. Annual or quarterly reviews are not enough, but are very important. Millennials will provide stronger work for your organization if you review all work, and help them grow.

Change is okay, so capitalize on that!

You finally have a team of individuals who are not afraid of change. This generation has seen many changes in the workplace and the world varying from advances in technology and extreme changes in the “normal” office setting. If you see your company is evolving, form a committee with millennials to foster this change.

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