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Work Life Balance for Your Employees



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Work life balance has always been an ongoing challenge for many organizations and their employees. Now that we’ve moved into the 21st century, life seems to have gotten busier and more complex. It’s important to provide innovative employee benefits. Improving work life balance can lead to such things as improved employee retention, enhanced well-being, decrease in employee absences, and reduced work errors.

As an employer, how can you help your workers achieve a balanced work-life, while maintaining a high productivity rate? Always remember that we all have families, personal lives, and emotional highs and lows. Here are four ways to assist with enhancing employee work life balance:

1. Provide Childcare

Whether it’s a partnership with a nearby childcare facility, an academic preschool to provide a discount to employees, or an onsite option at your facility, providing childcare can truly increase employee presence. If you don’t have the means to provide childcare, make sure you allow your employees the ability to take care of family emergencies that may arise at any given time with no consequences. 

2. Allow Pets in the Office

Many of you know that acquiring a new pet could be another full-time job at home. For example, puppies need exercise, potty breaks, and lots of love when they first come home with you. Allowing your employees to bring their pets to work on occasion could also help balancing their duties. Of course, you’d want to put a few regulations into place — sweet Spot doesn’t need to walk into the conference room during the CEO’s meeting with his board members. If you cannot offer this, similar to providing childcare, partnering with a nearby doggie day care could help new pet parents avoid spending a lot of time traveling back and forth to their homes for a check up.

3. Offer Health Initiatives 

Not only does this improve employees’ health, but it can also decrease stress, lead to fewer absences, and might even lead to workers not leaving early to try and hit the gym before rush hour. Bringing in instructors for such activities as yoga or pure barre and offering occasional professional massages can help increase employees’ energy, which leads to better work productivity. Equally, workers won’t have to make an extra stop on the way home. If bringing in instructors isn’t an option, have a partnership with a gym within walking distance from your office to supply employees discounts.

4. Encourage Breaks

Eight hours in the day can be long for someone who has a lot on their plate and is constantly working on their computer. Encourage a couple of breaks in the work day — perhaps one in the morning and one in the afternoon. A little recess goes a long way for someone who is stressed about a project, has become unfocused, or is getting fatigued. Fast Company reported a study by the Draugiem Group on how breaks help employee productivity:

“10% of employees with the highest productivity surprisingly didn’t put in longer hours than anyone else. In fact, they didn’t even work full eight-hour days. What they did do was take regular breaks. Specifically, they took 17-minute breaks for every 52 minutes of work.”

These breaks didn’t include talking about work or getting on email while walking around outside. During these short breaks, employees got away from their computer and phones, and participated in activities such as walking, reading a book, or talking with co-workers about non-work related subjects. 

Don’t know where to start? Have a conversation with your employees. You can’t identify solutions for a positive work life balance if you don’t know what they need!  

Source: Fast Company