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Client Spotlight: Belmont Animal Hospital



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Providing High-Quality Medical Care that Nurtures Lasting Client Relationships 

The Client

Founded in 2010 and owned by Baker Eadie and Malcolm Sewell, Belmont Animal Hospital is a companion animal hospital, providing veterinary care for dogs and cats. “Baker and I were each thinking about starting our own hospital. We'd known each other for a long time, got a conversation going, and realized we had the same goals and philosophy when it comes to practicing veterinary medicine,” says Sewell about Belmont Animal Hospital’s origin. Eight years later, Eadie and Sewell employ a team of 17 staff members and have built trusted and long-lasting relationships with clients and their pets.

Belmont Animal Hospital’s mission statement is simple: Every day, we aim to improve quality of life, both two-legged and four-legged. “To achieve our mission, we try to think of what is best for the patient/pet, the client/pet owner, and the hospital, in every decision we make,” affirms Sewell. Sewell also says, “Our clients are here because their pets are precious to them, and we need to do everything we can to enhance that client/patient relationship. Plus, we do our best to provide an enjoyable, meaningful, and productive work environment for us and our staff.”

The hospital’s clients/pet owners include people looking for veterinary care for their cats and dogs. Veterinarians wear many hats and practice everything from vaccinations for puppies to internal medicine, surgery, dermatology, dentistry, and oncology. With a full in-house laboratory and digital x-ray unit, Belmont Animal Hospital is a busy, stimulating work environment, welcoming a 6-week old puppy to a family in one minute then practicing end-of-life care with another pet the next.

The Opportunity

As Eadie and Sewell were assembling their first staff, they interviewed an individual who had a sibling who worked for W Squared. Considering this was their first time operating a business, they figured it was wise to investigate a company that could help with bookkeeping, payroll, technical support, and more. They contacted W Squared and enlisted their services after learning it would be a great fit for Belmont Animal Hospital’s payroll needs. With LBMC Employment Partners’ acquisition of W Squared’s HR/Benefits/Payroll division, Belmont Animal Hospital has entered 8 years of working with the team for its bookkeeping and payroll needs, including monthly financial statements, processing weekly payments, and technical support. “LBMC EP is a quick source of information for past financial activities when we need them, as well as for yearly financials and evaluating our budget,” says Sewell.

The Solution

Belmont Animal Hospital needed to outsource some things to focus on veterinary medicine. After meeting with Tammy Wolcott of W Squared at the time, they knew they were not only outsourcing but rather creating a relationship. “Just as we wanted patient care to be the primary focus of our business, it was obvious that W Squared valued their clients. I've always felt genuine support from the company,” Sewell says. What makes working now with LBMC EP so good? Sewell is convinced that it is the relationship. “While we might not be LBMC EP's largest client, that has never influenced their approach with us. The key to any relationship is communication, and those lines of communication have been open,” adds Sewell.

For other businesses considering outsourcing payroll, Belmont Animal Hospital is thankful for the ways in which LBMC EP’s services allow you to focus on your product, which is what will make you successful. Sewell affirms, “You want to outsource with a company that has your best interests in mind. LBMC EP’s team is a shining example and one with whom you can develop a valuable business relationship. We have confidence in what LBMC EP is doing, which allows us to focus on what's most important to us—patient care.”