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Client Spotlight: United Way of Rutherford and Cannon Counties



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Focusing on the Mission

The Client

United Way of Rutherford & Cannon Counties (UWRCC) originally began as the United Givers Fund in 1956, run by a small group of volunteers. Since then, it's grown to become affiliated with the United Way network and works with a dozen in-house staff and more than 40 board directors in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Though the 38 United Ways of Tennessee collaborate together on different projects, they are individual entities created to help support the local community.


UWRCC’s annual funding capacity is about $3.5 million, which supports more than 40 organizations. These 40 organizations represent about 75 different programs. Before LBMC Employment Partners teamed with UWRCC, it was a challenge to handle all payroll paperwork, stay aware of ever-changing regulations, and remain in compliance, while still maintaining the integrity of their annual giving and allocations. Their main focus is to make sure the agencies that apply for support, assessed by the UWRCC’s volunteer committees and accepted into the annual program, are meeting their stated goals of income, health, and education throughout the year. It’s a lot of work for a staff of 12 to maintain without some type of outsourced support, especially in the nonprofit world.


Meagan Flippin, President & CEO, learned about LBMC EP through another affiliate of United Way and asked the Director of Finance, Stan Jackson, to reach out and schedule a meeting to see if LBMC EP could meet the needs of United Way of Rutherford & Cannon Counties. Meagan and Stan learned of all the services LBMC EP offered, and, in 2014, decided to outsource payroll and human resources services. Ever since, it’s saved both time and money for the organization.

Stan says, “It freed up mine and my staff’s time to be able to concentrate on United Way and other things on the financial side versus focusing on monthly payroll, worrying about payroll taxes, and meeting all deadlines.”

Meagan fully agrees and adds, “It’s great to have someone you can call when you have a question. Our staff isn’t large enough to have a full time HR person or in-house staff position devoted to HR. It’s nice to have [LBMC EP] on call…We want to be sure we are in compliance and doing the right things and not unintentionally missing a step somewhere.”

They both highly recommend outsourcing services, as Stan says, “You can focus more on your business and mission versus the back office tasks.”