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ACA Compliance Consulting and Tracking

ACA Compliance Consulting and Tracking

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The Affordable Care Act has placed a large and costly burden on employers. Employers must now provide health plans to meet the minimum requirements regarding coverage and affordability or pay the penalty price.

  • Is your plan affordable to your lowest paid employee? 
  • Does your plan provide the coverage required by the government? 
  • Are you a large employer? 
  • Do you have the ability to track and report coverage and costs information on every employee?

LBMC Employment Partners can help you navigate through the extensive ACA requirements, determine any penalty exposure and develop strategies to eliminate or reduce future penalty exposure. Whether you need compliance consulting only or additionally full ACA employee tracking along with our payroll services, LBMC Employment Partners can help relieve the ACA burden.

ACA Compliance Consulting

  • Health Plan Design Review: We can review your current plan(s) to determine if your plan offers minimum essential coverage.
  • Employer Shared Responsibility:  We can determine if your plan is affordable and provides minimum value.
  • Applicable Large Employer Status: We can determine the number of full-time employees and full-time equivalent employees.
  • ACA Employee Status: We can help you identify the appropriate ACA employment status of each employee.
  • Transition Relief: We can determine if your plan meets the 2015 Transition Relief on penalties for 2015.
  • Safe Harbor Application: We can determine your plan meets one of the three Safe Harbor rules to avoid individual penalties.
  • Penalty Avoidance: We can develop ACA penalty avoidance strategies.
  • Legal Notices: We will provide the required legal notices such as the New Hire Exchange Notice.

ACA Tracking Services combined with Payroll Services

  • Monthly tracking of full-time and full-time equivalent employees
  • Maintain employee benefit elections, dependent/spouse information
  • Maintain employee and employer health plan premium contributions
  • Maintain on-going employee ACA status
  • Produce Form 1095-C and Form 1094-C

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