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Social Security Expertise & Services

Social Security Expertise & Services

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S3: Social Security Expertise & Services


Strategic consulting available for all things Social Security related

LBMC Employment Partners has partnered with FEDlogic to offer easy and practical guidance targeted to help businesses, HR directors, professionals & employees with all things Social Security related. FEDlogic takes away the worry by providing the tools necessary to strategize and execute a plan tailored for each unique situation.

Who is FEDlogic?

FEDlogic offers strategic consulting to help you plan and maximize Social Security benefits as well as navigate the complexities of Medicare. Their goal is to inform, discuss, and strategize a plan for you and your family’s unique situation. Serving beneficiaries, wealth advisors, and employers.

Frank Cardenas started FEDlogic after nearly a decade of experience working for the Social Security Administration.

Frank Cardenas holds a master’s in Public Administration, a master’s certification in Health Administration & Planning and currently sits as Vice Chair of Government Affairs for Fifty Forward and Chair of the Nashville Farmer’s Market Board. He can be reached at 615-830-4630 or

What services are offered?

  • Individual Retirement Planning
    • Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of Early Retirement, Full Retirement , and Delayed Retirement
    • Understanding Spousal and Ex-Spousal Benefits
    • Understanding the Annual Earnings Test (AET), during Early Retirement and Full Retirement
  • Informational Seminars
  • Medicare Enrollment
  • Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA)
  • Survivor Benefits
  • Disability
  • Supplemental Social Security Income